A story that I wrote in Creative Writing last year

Here’s a story that  I wrote in Creative Writing, the year before the school cut it 😦 :

“Fruitilicious Fruits: all the fruit you can eat plus much more!” restaurant was having an extremely slow day when Lilly, a pregnant woman who was in her late twenties walked in.
She marched up to the counter, where, Scaredy Cat Mike was. They called him ‘Scaredy Cat’, because, he had a fear of, that’s right, pregnant women. The reason that he was afraid of pregnant women, was the very reason why Lilly, who is nine months along, walked in to the restaurant: for food and lots of it, RIGHT WAY!
Her belly stuck out like a child, putting a basketball under their shirt to make it look like that they were pregnant. Now, if Lilly wasn’t so hungry and not craving fruit, she would have laughed at Mike as she watched his eyes get big and pop out. Then, his face turned pink, then red, purple, then red, and finally pink again. Mike let out a blood-curdling shriek as he was preparing for the onslaught of food orders. But, right now, Lilly just saw Mike as an obstacle in her way to the unlimited amount of fruit she desired, the apple of her eye.
She massaged her stomach as she walked up to the counter. Immediately she began ordering a variety of menu items. Mike tried his very best to keep up with Lilly, but, man , was it hard! She was placing her order at fifty miles per hour; words flying out of her mouth like a sports car speeding down a deserted back country road.
Lilly was so overcome by her pregnant cravings, that she didn’t consider all that food that she just ordered was over two hundred dollars! She shrieked in horror! She cursed! She threw her hands up! She grabbed Mike by his shirt and yelled at him! Poor Mike! I believe that his fear of pregnant women had just gotten that much worse. Most people would believe that Lilly had gone mad, but no, she passed mad long ago! I believe, that she had just gone insane! There was no stopping her now!
As soon as the restaurant’s owner saw what was going on, which was right about now, the owner came running to his helpless employee’s aid. The owner pried Lilly’s fingers loose from Mike’s shirt. Mike ran off the back room, where it was “Employees Only” and where he was safe and hidden from pregnant customers.
Since there were no other customers in the restaurant, the owner walked around the counter to Lilly to talk to her. He tried explaining to her over and over again that no, she couldn’t have everything that she ordered , if she couldn’t pay for it; his voice growing more and more desperate with every explanation . He told her things like ‘if you had everything you ordered; then there would be none left for all of the rest of my customers.’ She didn’t care. Or that ‘if you had all of the fruit, there would be none left everybody else in the world.’ She wasn’t listening. He said that ‘if you had everything you ordered for, without paying for it, my restaurant would go bankrupt and nobody would ever be able to possibly enjoy “Fruitilicious Fruits: all the fruit you can eat plus much more!”’ She still wasn’t listening. He told her that ‘it would make everyone sad if they couldn’t enjoy “Fruitilicious Fruits: all the fruit you can eat plus much more!” just because a pregnant woman refused to give up what she couldn’t pay for.’ Lilly, in return, slapped him across the face!
Just as Lilly slapped the owner across the face, in walked a twenty-something year old stranger with a designer leather jacket & jeans, dark designer sunglasses, a salon haircut, and Italian leather shoes. He sauntered up to Lilly and the owner, who was now cradling his face. He hadn’t expected Lilly’s slap or the force behind it, but, he should have known, it wasn’t his first time being slapped by a girl or even a pregnant woman.
The twenty-something man demanded to know what was going on. The owner explained everything to the guy. The man, in return, pulled out a stack of money, exactly totaling up the cost of Lilly’s food and paid for it. The owner sent his workers straight to work to prepare her food.
In record time, her food was ready. Lilly, the clearly wealthy twenty-something good Samaritan guy, and the owner, whose face now just had a gigantic red mark the size of Lilly’s palm on it, sat down and talked while Lilly enjoyed her food.
Within an hour, the three had become fast friends. The owner even promised to make Lilly food for her, when he wasn’t working. Even Mike had ventured out of his hiding spot and came realize the pregnant women were actually decent human beings when they were fed.