Teachers and the kids who don’t like them

The teacher that most kids see in other teachers

Everyday, I hear kids complain about their teachers and how their “jerks” (or worse.) I have had some of the same teachers and their not “jerks”. They’re actually quite nice to me, they just want you to do their work. Plain and simple.

I find it funny that it’s the kids who don’t the work, slack off, talk during class, etc. that say that their teachers are jerks. Of course their being that to them, they have to, because, that’s what the kid is being to them. Why should they be nice to the student who is being disrespectful to them? I don’t think so. To the students, if you want to the teacher to be nice to you, be nice to the teacher and don’t do any of things that I have just listed (or anything remarkably close to it.)

Trust me, it works. The teachers will become nicer, and will  stop nagging you to do what you should be doing. They may even give you a little grace.

The teacher that students, who obey and do what is asked, see

Why the Play-Offs are the Best Time of Year

The play-offs are the best time of year. The regular season is a close second to the play-offs.


Play-offs are best, because, you finally get all of your questions answered about  it,

America's sport= a lot of people ramped up for play-offs

from the off-season.

That’s why. Plus, everyone is playing like there is no tomorrow, so the fierceness and¬†aggressiveness is sky-rocketed.

Exactly why the play-offs are best

Why The Off-Season is the Worst Time of Year



Every sport has it’s off-season. Right now, Football, Basketball, and Hockey are in their off-seasons. AS a fan, it;s the time of year that I dread the most.

Two reasons:

  1. You don’t know who is going to be on your team, next year. Will your favorite player(s) be back? Who’s going to be the new guy? They just¬† expect you (and I) to be patient and wait.
  2. You don’t know how well your team will fare during the season. Will you get into the play-offs? Will we win everything or come home disappointed? Again, they expect you (and I) to be patient and wait.

And that is why the off-season is the worst time of year, even if it’s summer.


Santa Claus, to let kids believe or not to let kids believe?

Jolly ol' saint Nick

Growing up, I was never lead to believe in Santa, or any other made up creature. My parents believed to tell your kids the truth was the right thing to do.It is, no doubt about that.

But, what if you are someone ¬†who has grown up in a christian home, considers yourself a christian, but, sometimes, has trouble in believing in this ‘God’? What if, he, like Santa, is someone that you have to believe exists, even when you’ve never seen him, with your own eyes, because, your parents never let you believe in Santa?

Like me. ¬†At least that’s what I think when I sometimes doubt that God exists.

I believe in God. I mean, you think that the sport of hockey was created without someone like Him? I don’t. It’s just that sometimes, in my darkest moments, I find it very hard to believe that he is out there, when I can’t actually see him.

That being said, I believe that a parent should allow their child to believe in Santa, or the Easter Bunny, etc. Yes, I know ¬†that it is lying to your kids, but, I feel like it’ll help strengthen their ability to believe in things that they can’t see with their own two eyes in everyday life. ¬†Also, if I were the parent, I would squash the Santa Claus belief when they were old enough to understand. Later on, I would explain my reasoning behind what I told them and hope they understand.

Why “Twilight” is better than “Harry Potter”

Harry Potter, the series that has been around longer

It’s the ¬†big debate of the two biggest sagas of my generation. Some teens are Team Potter, others Team Twilight, some¬†miraculously¬†are for both. I am Team Twilight. I am also the only one in my family who did not like Harry Potter, and liked Twilight.

Twilight, the series that is more awesome

Here are a couple of reason of why Twilight is better:

  1. In the Bible, God specifically says that witchcraft and wizardry are from Satan. It says nothing about Vampires and Werewolves, though.
  2. Twilight takes place in the Pacific Northwest, Harry Potter does not. Even cooler was that Twilight was filmed in Portland, Harry Potter was not.
  3. Twilight is a one word series title, Harry Potter is not. Never mind that Harry Potter is a name of one of the characters.
  4. Twilight does not have as much fantasy in it as Harry Potter. I am not a fantasy person, some are and that’s a reason for them to like Harry Potter.
  5. Twilight does not have made up words that are unpronounceable, at least some of them are.
  6. Twilight also doesn’t have three-headed dogs or a guy with two faces. Creepy.

That is why Twilight is hands down better than Harry Potter.

Why is it good to let your kids read/watch “Twilight”

The best book series ever

Twilight, the book series by Stephenie Meyer, that came out a few years ago, and has the part one of the last installment coming out later this year, is one of the best  book series and one of the most controversial.

I love these books, and the movies. I think that everyone should embrace this franchise, but, not everyone has. Here is my opinion of why people should:

  1. It’s fun. Who doesn’t love a well-written book with fantasy creatures, who feel for humanity?
  2. Virtue. You can say what you want about Edward and Bella’s relationship, but, they never actually do it, until they are married, as it should be, but, hardly is ¬†these days. ¬†It’s great to hear/read in the books that Edward says that first that they have to get married.
  3. As everyone knows the Cullens don’t eat humans, showing regard for human life, unlike some humans do. Maybe they should take lessons from the Cullens.
  4. Also, in showing regard for human life, the Cullens won’t change anybody unless they don’t have any choice, like if the person is dying. That comes into play when Bella keeps begging Edward to change her, but, he refuses.
  5. It’s well-written. Stephenie Meyers did an awesome job making the characters likeable and ¬†making you felt like you knew the characters.

All in all, Twilight is an amazing and everyone, no matter what age should check them out.

Why the 90’s boys bands (*Nsync) need to make a comeback

The best music was that of the 1990’s boy bands: Nsync, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees.

98 Degrees

Backstreet Boys

Why, might you ask?

  1. Their vocal harmonies were crisp, and at times hard to pick out certain voices.
  2. Some of them head excellent dance moves, that become well-known around their fanbase. Their dance moves were easy to get, but, with the level of accuracy with the lyrics, they had to be measured perfectly. Plus, the guys looked good while doing them.
  3. Their lyrics were not about sex, drugs, clubs, and drinking. They were about money, finding the perfect girl and marrying her. One of the songs even gave thanks to the band’s moms! Try to find that these days, impossible.
  4. They don’t run up on stage to take someone’s moment (Kanye West). They don’t punch their girlfriends (Chris Brown).
  5. They were cute and at the same time, wholesome.  Teenage girls loved them, as did their moms. It was a win-win.

A lot of these are heard to find these days, they should not be. I find it terrible that teens listen to what they listen to.



The Winterhawks are the Best Major Junior Team


That’s a given. What makes them so great?

  1. Fifteen NHL draft picks in the past two years. Four first-rounders, five second-rounders. Oh, and let’s know forget a player who did not get drafted, but, go invited to go to a training camp and got signed.

    Brad Ross, one the NHL draft picks

  2.  Around ten players signed to NHL contracts.
  3. After being eliminated in the second round of the WHL play-offs in 2010, we made it to the league finals this year. Next year, we look to advance to the Memorial Cup, something that nobody a few years ago would have been talking about.
  4. We’ve got not one, but, two of the most hated players in the WHL, because, of their aggressiveness.
  5. A few years ago, we were at the bottom of the standings. 2010, we made the play-offs. This year, we were the division and conference champions. Next year should be another fun year.

Who can argue with that? I can’t.