NHL play-offs

The 2012 NHL play-offs are  shaping up to be one of the most unsuspecting ones ever. The LA kings (8th seed) is leading their series currently, 3-1 over the Vancouver Canucks (the number one seed). If that wasn’t enough, the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia series has combined for over 45 goals in  JUST the first 5 games! Also, the NHL has seen one of the longest suspensions handed down ever. Raffi Torres got TWENTY-FIVE games for a COMPLETELY illegal hit on Marian Hossa (former Winterhawk, so I might be just the tadest bit biased). Marian was rushed to the hospital only to be released under his own power a short while later.

This is something that you never want to see happen. This is Marian Hossa being carried off on the stretcher.

Also, in the WHL the Winterhawks are currently holding a 2-0 lead over Tri-cities (a TOTAL surprise), both wins coming in overtime and during or a after a penalty on them (the hawks were down a man for those of you are not hockey fans).

Please share your thoughts below on either the NHL or any other sport play-offs.


Why The Off-Season is the Worst Time of Year



Every sport has it’s off-season. Right now, Football, Basketball, and Hockey are in their off-seasons. AS a fan, it;s the time of year that I dread the most.

Two reasons:

  1. You don’t know who is going to be on your team, next year. Will your favorite player(s) be back? Who’s going to be the new guy? They just  expect you (and I) to be patient and wait.
  2. You don’t know how well your team will fare during the season. Will you get into the play-offs? Will we win everything or come home disappointed? Again, they expect you (and I) to be patient and wait.

And that is why the off-season is the worst time of year, even if it’s summer.


A stereotype: Athletes are dumb, true or false?

sometimes  I wonderSometimes I wonder how the whole ‘athletes are dumb’ stereotype came into place. I mean, athletes can’t actually be dumb, because, they to be actively passing five classes to participate in any sport. They may be able to cheat off others, just because they are athletes and popular, but, when it comes to tests, they can’t. Plus, people aren’t always going to get the right answer on their worksheets, so if an athletes were to copy their answer, they would get it wrong also. So, those test scores could be very helpful and instrumental in the athlete passing the class.

And then there is if the teacher catches them cheating, and gives them a zero or handles it however the teachers chooses, it does two things. One, it could get possibly hurt the athlete’s reputation. Two, it would have the coach upset, where he might bench them, or kick them off the team-if they’re a repeat cheater. none of these would make an athlete, or anyone else for that matter, happy.

All in all, to the cheating (and not smart) athlete, please stop and actually learn something, for the smart athletes hate the stereotype.