Song of the day #2 7-31-11

The song of the day is by Carrie Underwood, “Jesus, take the wheel“. It’s one of my favorite songs by her, because, it’s remindful that we need others (and God) and that we can’t do everything all by ourselves, no matter how much we may want to. It’s impossible.


Politicians who have made personal mistakes in the public eye (part one)

Even though, I’m not all that into politics, in the past few months there have been numerous political stories worth commenting on. First up to be ashamed is Anthony Weiner, the senator from New York.

Everyone knows

Senator Anthony Weiner

Every knows what he did. What made it worse was that he was married and his wife was pregnant.If you are not happy in your relationship, leave it! It will save a world of hurt for two people (your other, and the person that your cheating with, if it it’s just one.) Next up is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Again, we all know who he is and what he did.  He’s in the same

same as

Arnold Schwarzenegger

situation as Senator (or former senator) Weiner is in, The only difference is that Arnold’s situation is ten thousand times worse than his. Arnold actually had a kid with the person he was cheating with. Again, if you’re not happy in your relationship, just leave it! It will save hurt from all party members! But, now,  Arnold gets to pay for his actions, which includes (but certainly not limited to) Maria leaving him, him now having to pay for yet another child, and quite possibly lose a few fans, supporters, and his reputation has sure taken a hit. Third in the ‘bring on the shame!’ is Oregon’s own Representative David Wu!


Former Oregon Rep. David Wu

David was a very promising politician. Well, he was until a few weeks ago, when he was busted for having an inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl whose parents were family friends. The dude is messed up. You don’t do that when you are as promising as he apparently was! You just don’t, heck, you don’t do that at all.  He couldn’t have honestly thought that he could do both. You can’t, no matter what your profession is.

All in all, I’m glad that these politicians are having to pay the price of their actions. Senator Weiner and  Representative Wu both resigned, Rep. Wu after getting pressured by others to.

Politicians need to be held up to a high standard, and we need better people to help run our country, or else. Or else who knows what might happen. I, to be quite honest, do not know what they were thinking messing up  their promising careers like this. I only hope that they will learn from their mistakes.

*Part two will be continued tomorrow.

Song of the day #1 7-30-11

I have decided that each  day (or close to each day) I’m going to publish a  totally awesome song or video. This songs have been previewed and are appropraite (by my mom’s standards).

The first song of the day is “Remind Me” by Carrie underwood and Brad Paisley, with the lyrics. There is also a music video, but, due to the inmodesty of Carrie Underwood’s dress, I decided not to publish it.

Beware: fake celebrity writers invading the writing world!

books; they should be written by those who dream to get published

I like reading books, besides just writing. One thing that makes me  upset, when is when celebrities say that they wrote a biography, but, actually had a ghostwriter do the work for them, the celebrity doing the bare minium. I get that this is a money thing, and celebrities=$. If the celebrity had actually wrote the book, then maybe I would read it, but, if they didn’t, I wouldn’t and I don’t see why anybody else would. It’s not the same. I’m fustrated that these publishers would actually want to publish these, because, whatever happened to talent that came in the form of writing and only doing what you were talented in?  I get how celebrities want to get the truth out there, dismassing rumors about them. Why can’t they just do a tell-all interview instead? 

When I grow up, I want to become an author. This will make my chances a lot slimmer of actually making my dream come true. These celebrities, their dreams weren’t to publish books, they were to do whatever they have famous for doing. But, because, they are how they are, they get their book published in front of others, who like me, have a dream of becoming a writer. Why can’t they leave the writing world alone and go back to Hollywood? Why can’t they leave the writing world be, and to others who do their own work and dream of getting published? Are they that selfish? I like some of these celebrities, but, I, unfortunately, have to say ‘yes’.

You may think that I’m against all celebrities publishing books, even if they actually wrote the book and had a dream of getting published. I’m not. I’m also not against Bethany Hamilton, who didn’t write her book, but, she told her story to one of her pastors, who did write, and he wrote down everything she told him.

Wisdom in the form of a song

As I sit here contemplating of whether or not I should write a blog or what it write in that blog, the song “Wheel of the World” by Carrie Underwood starts playing on my Ipod. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the song, it’s a song about life and how we never knew what’s going to happen next or where we might end up. 

It’s true. We never know what life has in store for us. Sometimes we wished we did, I know I do.  Here is my personal favorite lyric from the song:

“God put us here on this carnival ride

Words of wisdom; track 13

We close our eyes

Never knowing where it will take us next”

Listening to the song, it has made me realize that we, as humans whose life on this earth is just too short, must live our lives to the fullest. Sure, we will have regrets, after all no one is perfect. But, it is learning from the mistakes and/ or regrets.  We never know what will happen, anyone of us could be dead tomorrow (Shiloh Hampton’s death also helped me realize that).



the boring thing that hogs up most of our schedule September-June

Sadly, with a little more than a month left in Summer, this seems to be on everyone’s mind, including mine. To me, School can sort of feel like a prison sometimes. There are some good things but mostly it just seems like rules, restrictions, and regulations.  It’s like they’re trying to separate us from the rest of the world, only to force it upon us after we graduate, leaving us to figure out how to operate in it. Here are some rules that the school has in place that I don’t think apply when it comes to the ‘real world’:

For instance

The device that most schools blame for an increase in cheating

For instance the no cell phone or electronics rule.  People who have jobs are going to have their cell phones on them and turned on. Some will maybe even have radios and

even have radios

How is listening to music going to disrupt us working?

Ipods to listen to, but, mostly on their breaks, in other words, our passing and lunch times. With this rule, I feel like that the school is trying to mislead us in what the actual world is like. However, I do realize that having cell phones on, increases the temptation to cheat, so, that being said, the school should allow us to have our cell phones on, but, only during certain times during the day, compromising. But, I highly doubt that listening to whatever music we listen to, will cause us to cheat.

Also, a rule is no eating during class, however, some teachers let us do it. I know people who when sitting at their desk at work, eat. Even when there is a computer nearby. Computer teachers do not tolerate eating in their classroom, but, why? We’re high school students  for crying out loud! We’re about to go into the real world! let us pay for our mistakes. Let us eat near computers, and if we spill or whatever, have us pay to replace it! It might actually teach us, or give you (the teacher) a chance to teach us, a life lesson-being careful and fixing our mistakes.

teach us a life lesson

One of the foods that some teachers let us eat during class

All in all, I agree with most of the school rules and regulations (get in a fight-you get suspended.), but, this just seem a little ludicrous to me.

What is a world without paper, letters, books, newspapers that are offline?

In a world that has become so technologically  advanced, it’s easy to think of/imagine a world where writing with a writing utensil and paper will be scarce or unknown completely. This thought saddens me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being online and most of the technological advances, that we’re making , but, please don’t touch ink and paper. They’re fine just they way that they are, thank you.

One instance of ink and paperOne instance of ink and paper disappearing is, the newspaper. This is mainly the reason that I am writing this. I love reading  the newspaper. Now, consider me old-fashioned,but, I love waking up, getting my breakfast, and while my breakfast is in the microwave, I enjoy going out and retrieving  the newspaper from its box by the road, and reading it while eating breakfast. Also, the journalist in me, is always very ecstatic and feels very accomplished, when she sees her name in print and is able to hold her article up without having to go online, print out the article, and I’m not even sure that will mean as much to me. Plus, you wouldn’t be able to hold up everyone (who also helped with the newspaper)’s efforts. I don’t know about you, but, I don’t like to think about newspapers moving to be entirely online. People should take the time to stop and read the morning paper, in my opinion.

another thing

Another thing that I don’t like is that word documents are becoming more and more available. I would guess that more and more writers are not writing out their thoughts, feelings, stories, on paper, but just skipping to typing them up on the computer. I like to write my stories on the computer, don’t get me wrong, but, that’s after I have already written them out on paper; it forces me to edit them. For example, I wrote this blog down on a piece of paper before transferring it to here, partly because this idea struck me at 7 a.m. (thanks, God!)  But, I love it, (not waking up at 7, though) I love hearing the sound of a pencil on paper, it is music to my ears! Especially when technology  seems to be conquering  this sacred writing world!


Furthermore,  books are disappearing faster than ever before, and e-books are pouring in.  I love to read books, maybe because I am a writer, I don’t know. There is something sentimental about opening a book, holding it in your hands, turning the pages. I love that feeling. Now, speaking from a writer/journalist’s perspective, as you now know, I am overjoyed to hold what I’ve written. As for now, I have not published  a book, but, I aspire to, one day. When I do, I long to be able to hold that book in my hands, to hug it, maybe even to kiss it,

knowing I spent many long hours laboring away on it, and now to be able to hold it, to touch it, to put my arms around it. To be able to say ‘I did this’ or ‘I helped make this happen’. I fear that one day, and if it does happen, that my book will be downloaded onto kindles, ipads, etc. Not being directly held or having its pages turned.

Lastly, I am self-diagnosed Facebook addict. But, in this era of e-mail, texting and Facebook, nothing can take away the excitement of opening a handwritten letter. I know, it’s not the most fastest way of communicating, but, I still love it. Sure, if you have something urgent, e-mail, texting, and Facebook is much faster, but, if  you just want to keep in touch with someone, letter writing is perfect! Again, maybe old-fashioned of me, but, when I go off to college (maybe before then too) I plan to be writing letters to people, only if I have their mailing address, though! (so, if if you want me to write you (and I won’t be offended if you don’t) feel free ti send me your mailing address.) Technology can make letter writing less common, but, it definitely won’t keep me from writing letters!

It trouble me to know that in less than a hundred years, newspapers, and books will be completely moved onto the internet and that the writers of those will not be able to enjoy the simplest pleasures that I do while writing.  It also saddens me that before we know it, paper will cease to exist anymore, and letter writing will be gone along with it. Mostly due to the fact, that most people (or highly important people) are tree-huggers, and want us to stop wasting paper. Anyhow, so, please, go pick up a newspaper, or a book; enjoy it, cherish it, because, it won’t be around  forever. Maybe even subscribe to a publication or go to a library or a bookstore, maybe even sit down an write! Do something! Do anything!  But, please, don’t give into what the world is trying to force on us. This is a fight, and paper is losing and it needs your help.

R.I.P Shiloh Hampton

Today is two of my friends’ birthdays, they are exactly the same age. The only difference is that one of them is dead.  He died last April, thanks to two gang members, two members who I wish that I could do something to. Shiloh Hampton did NOT deserve to die.

I wish that today could end. The grieving, the tears, I wish that they would all just go away and never come back again. I want to be able to miss him, but, not to be this overcome with sadness. He wasn’t even that good of a friend, I barely even knew him, but he was still a friend. He was someone who you could say ‘hi’ to in the hallway, talk to, etc. He was approachable, nice, sweet, etc.

He was only fourteen.

The only regret that I have is that  I wished that I would have hung out with him, outside of school. Maybe even hung out with him once I got to High School. But, I didn’t. And that’s the hardest of all.

I don’t know about you, but, whenever I see his face, hear his name or see his name, it’s like it just happened, a punch to the gut, a another crack to the heart.

A stereotype: Athletes are dumb, true or false?

sometimes  I wonderSometimes I wonder how the whole ‘athletes are dumb’ stereotype came into place. I mean, athletes can’t actually be dumb, because, they to be actively passing five classes to participate in any sport. They may be able to cheat off others, just because they are athletes and popular, but, when it comes to tests, they can’t. Plus, people aren’t always going to get the right answer on their worksheets, so if an athletes were to copy their answer, they would get it wrong also. So, those test scores could be very helpful and instrumental in the athlete passing the class.

And then there is if the teacher catches them cheating, and gives them a zero or handles it however the teachers chooses, it does two things. One, it could get possibly hurt the athlete’s reputation. Two, it would have the coach upset, where he might bench them, or kick them off the team-if they’re a repeat cheater. none of these would make an athlete, or anyone else for that matter, happy.

All in all, to the cheating (and not smart) athlete, please stop and actually learn something, for the smart athletes hate the stereotype.

Since when is it acceptable to marry someone who is young enough to be your kid?

Hollywood, it seems has come to accept marriages of people who are old enough to be parent/kid. There was one instance where a 51 year -old  actor MARRIED a 16 year-old singer/actress, and what’s even more unbelievable is that her parents agreed to it and signed the marriage license! That’s just SICKENING! I’m glad that my parents would never agree to that and would probably forbid me from seeing him. Sure, they don’t mind me liking guys that are a few years older, but, not THAT old.  My mom said to me, “You can’t control your emotions  (like liking), but, you can control you go out with.”

 If  I  were to marry a 50 year-old would be like marrying my dad. Ew. I can’t imagine (at my age) marrying (at my age), yet alone someone who is more than THIRTY-FIVE years older than me! A 16 year old should not be allowed to get married at 16, no matter how old the spouse to -be is, especially someone who is more than old enough to be her dad.  What would they even have in common? I know how little me and my dad have in common compared to others my age.  A 16 year old should be out with friends, having fun, going to sporting events, hanging out with family…not trying to START a family, or holding the duties of being married to someone.

I don’t care what their situation is, the only possible situation that  I would be supportive of , and okay with, is like in the Middle East, where that is accepted and what they do. It is most certainly not what we do here in the United States of America. Hopefully someone in these situations comes to their senses and realizes what a terrible mistake has been made and does something about it. I don’t care if the couple and everyone else is happy-it’s wrong, just plain wrong. I would never let my kid get married that young, or have my kid marry someone that young.  Pitiful.