NHL play-offs

The 2012 NHL play-offs are  shaping up to be one of the most unsuspecting ones ever. The LA kings (8th seed) is leading their series currently, 3-1 over the Vancouver Canucks (the number one seed). If that wasn’t enough, the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia series has combined for over 45 goals in  JUST the first 5 games! Also, the NHL has seen one of the longest suspensions handed down ever. Raffi Torres got TWENTY-FIVE games for a COMPLETELY illegal hit on Marian Hossa (former Winterhawk, so I might be just the tadest bit biased). Marian was rushed to the hospital only to be released under his own power a short while later.

This is something that you never want to see happen. This is Marian Hossa being carried off on the stretcher.

Also, in the WHL the Winterhawks are currently holding a 2-0 lead over Tri-cities (a TOTAL surprise), both wins coming in overtime and during or a after a penalty on them (the hawks were down a man for those of you are not hockey fans).

Please share your thoughts below on either the NHL or any other sport play-offs.


The Winterhawks vs Seattle Thunderbirds (10-1-11)

The best team in the WHL (although, I admit, I'm biased 🙂 )

Mark this game down as one of the very few (if any) that Brad Ross of the Winterhawks has gone an entire game without any penalties (a miracle, right?). He even helped out on 3 out of the 4 Winterhawk goals, as they beat Seattle 4-2. My favorite goal, I must say, was Brad’s breakaway goal in the first period.

As many Winterhawk fans (and other U.S. divison teams’ fans) love

What's that I hear? "BOO!" 🙂

to trash talk about Seattle( and for those of you who don’t know, Seattle and Portland are massive rivals), I have to give them props for their one good player, netminder Calvin Pickard. To be a good team, you have to have a good goaltender, but, it helps even more to other players who are good too.

Also, how do you get a double game misconduct? Just ask Seattle’s Cason Machacek, who apparently got one for suckerpunching a Winterhawk, as well as trying to grab a hold of a Winterhawk player’s jersey while another Seattle Thunderbird fought him.

All in all, a great game and fun to watch.

http://whl.ca/video/index/id/1317573027, highlight video of the game.

Hockey (and its fans)

Shouldn't you want to cheer for them so that they might be more willing to call things in your team's favor?

I find it funny how many fans (especially fans of the Portland Winterhawks) complain about the referees, and how terribly they call the game. Okay, I agree that sometimes they don’t call what should be called (but, I am biased, I admit). I would like to ask the fans, have they ever attempted to call a game, much less a hockey game? Most likely no, so, in other words, back off. Complaining is going to do nothing. It’s just annoying. I also find it funny how most of the fans that are complaining, are adults. Really? I think that it’s okay to acknowledge that the game was terribly called, but, then, get over it and move on to the next game! Finally, maybe, the hit or whatever was clean and not worthy of being penalized. Be like the players (who don’t spend a lot of time contemplating the game, I mean, they do talk about it and figure out what they need to do better) and move on.