Why the NBA should not go into a lockout

The league that has the possibility of taking a break next season

I’m looking forward to the prospect of not having the NBA, but, there are a few downsides to not having it next year.

  1. It would allow more time for those big-headed NBA ‘stars’ to get even more big-headed. Without practice and games, I fail to see how these NBA players will stay (or become) humble  during the lockout, because, unless they go and play internationally, they won’t be up against new and other highly-skilled players.

Another reason for the lockout not to ensue, a reason the goes above and beyond the world of basketball. Also, when talking about the lockout, I have not heard this side of it mentioned. The economy. (Maybe) not having the NBA  this next year will impact the economy, to the extinct is not currently known.

A fraction of what each NBA game brings in

Ways that the lockout will impact the economy:

  1. People travel to see their favorite teams. I’ve traveled to see my Winterhawks play in the play-offs and they’re not even professionals. I can only imagine how much those fans travel! That not only affects the choice of travel, but, hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions in the area.
  2. When people go to sports games, they sometimes buy concessions and things from the team store. I don’t know how much things cost at the Blazers team store, but, at the Winterhawks team store, things go from twenty-five bucks from a T-shirt (plus twelve extra dollars for a player’s name and jersey number on it) to  around a hundred and seventy-five  bucks for a jersey, and at the Winterhawks games, over half of the crowd has jerseys! That’s not including concessions, which cost an arm and a leg!
  3. Ticket sales.  That’s a good chunk of money right there. Cheap seats being ten-twenty dollars, plus, fees. Then, the more expensive tickets being however much they are. Times that by around twenty thousand and that equals a whole lot of money.

    ...to looking like this

    It will go from looking like this...

  4. Parking. I don’t know how much it costs to park inside of a parking garage, and my mom and I don’t even park in the garage and I’m not the one paying when we do.
  5. Finally, besides those  players who are playing internationally, the players will be living on a tighter budget, as they will not be making any more money this year. Living on a stricter budget means not spending as much, which does not help out the economy.

And, there folks, is why basketball should go on next year. The country would be better off.