Politicians who have made personal mistakes in the public eye (part one)

Even though, I’m not all that into politics, in the past few months there have been numerous political stories worth commenting on. First up to be ashamed is Anthony Weiner, the senator from New York.

Everyone knows

Senator Anthony Weiner

Every knows what he did. What made it worse was that he was married and his wife was pregnant.If you are not happy in your relationship, leave it! It will save a world of hurt for two people (your other, and the person that your cheating with, if it it’s just one.) Next up is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Again, we all know who he is and what he did.  He’s in the same

same as

Arnold Schwarzenegger

situation as Senator (or former senator) Weiner is in, The only difference is that Arnold’s situation is ten thousand times worse than his. Arnold actually had a kid with the person he was cheating with. Again, if you’re not happy in your relationship, just leave it! It will save hurt from all party members! But, now,  Arnold gets to pay for his actions, which includes (but certainly not limited to) Maria leaving him, him now having to pay for yet another child, and quite possibly lose a few fans, supporters, and his reputation has sure taken a hit. Third in the ‘bring on the shame!’ is Oregon’s own Representative David Wu!


Former Oregon Rep. David Wu

David was a very promising politician. Well, he was until a few weeks ago, when he was busted for having an inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl whose parents were family friends. The dude is messed up. You don’t do that when you are as promising as he apparently was! You just don’t, heck, you don’t do that at all.  He couldn’t have honestly thought that he could do both. You can’t, no matter what your profession is.

All in all, I’m glad that these politicians are having to pay the price of their actions. Senator Weiner and  Representative Wu both resigned, Rep. Wu after getting pressured by others to.

Politicians need to be held up to a high standard, and we need better people to help run our country, or else. Or else who knows what might happen. I, to be quite honest, do not know what they were thinking messing up  their promising careers like this. I only hope that they will learn from their mistakes.

*Part two will be continued tomorrow.