Why “Twilight” is better than “Harry Potter”

Harry Potter, the series that has been around longer

It’s the  big debate of the two biggest sagas of my generation. Some teens are Team Potter, others Team Twilight, some miraculously are for both. I am Team Twilight. I am also the only one in my family who did not like Harry Potter, and liked Twilight.

Twilight, the series that is more awesome

Here are a couple of reason of why Twilight is better:

  1. In the Bible, God specifically says that witchcraft and wizardry are from Satan. It says nothing about Vampires and Werewolves, though.
  2. Twilight takes place in the Pacific Northwest, Harry Potter does not. Even cooler was that Twilight was filmed in Portland, Harry Potter was not.
  3. Twilight is a one word series title, Harry Potter is not. Never mind that Harry Potter is a name of one of the characters.
  4. Twilight does not have as much fantasy in it as Harry Potter. I am not a fantasy person, some are and that’s a reason for them to like Harry Potter.
  5. Twilight does not have made up words that are unpronounceable, at least some of them are.
  6. Twilight also doesn’t have three-headed dogs or a guy with two faces. Creepy.

That is why Twilight is hands down better than Harry Potter.

Why is it good to let your kids read/watch “Twilight”

The best book series ever

Twilight, the book series by Stephenie Meyer, that came out a few years ago, and has the part one of the last installment coming out later this year, is one of the best  book series and one of the most controversial.

I love these books, and the movies. I think that everyone should embrace this franchise, but, not everyone has. Here is my opinion of why people should:

  1. It’s fun. Who doesn’t love a well-written book with fantasy creatures, who feel for humanity?
  2. Virtue. You can say what you want about Edward and Bella’s relationship, but, they never actually do it, until they are married, as it should be, but, hardly is  these days.  It’s great to hear/read in the books that Edward says that first that they have to get married.
  3. As everyone knows the Cullens don’t eat humans, showing regard for human life, unlike some humans do. Maybe they should take lessons from the Cullens.
  4. Also, in showing regard for human life, the Cullens won’t change anybody unless they don’t have any choice, like if the person is dying. That comes into play when Bella keeps begging Edward to change her, but, he refuses.
  5. It’s well-written. Stephenie Meyers did an awesome job making the characters likeable and  making you felt like you knew the characters.

All in all, Twilight is an amazing and everyone, no matter what age should check them out.