Justin Bieber-a good remodel?

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Sometimes I wonder, I am the only teenage girl who doesn’t like him? I kinda like not liking the huge popular celebrity who other teenage girls drool over. Seriously. Some might say that liking Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood might be stereotypical of teenage girls too, but I don’t care as I really like (more like love) them. Is there a difference between liking them and Bieber?


I am probably going to get crap for saying this, but, even though I do not personally know them, I feel like Carrie and Taylor are better role models then him. Yes, Taylor dates a lot of guys and writes songs about them but she doesn’t get

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

accused of doing things that are against the law. Whether or not he did them or not, it does not matter much to me. He has been accused of and caught doing them before. Bieber, you may be famous but you are not above the law.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Carrie and Taylor are great remodels. Taylor does all she can to interact with her fans. Her and Carrie dress modestly for the most part and all of their songs are appropriate for people of all ages.

I just wish that Bieber would get his act together and not turn out like Lindsay Lohan as it sure looks like he is headed down in that direction.


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