Song of the Day

This I Promise You” By *Nsync, or here’s a really cool performance of it.

Nsync, the best of the best


Why the 90’s boys bands (*Nsync) need to make a comeback

The best music was that of the 1990’s boy bands: Nsync, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees.

98 Degrees

Backstreet Boys

Why, might you ask?

  1. Their vocal harmonies were crisp, and at times hard to pick out certain voices.
  2. Some of them head excellent dance moves, that become well-known around their fanbase. Their dance moves were easy to get, but, with the level of accuracy with the lyrics, they had to be measured perfectly. Plus, the guys looked good while doing them.
  3. Their lyrics were not about sex, drugs, clubs, and drinking. They were about money, finding the perfect girl and marrying her. One of the songs even gave thanks to the band’s moms! Try to find that these days, impossible.
  4. They don’t run up on stage to take someone’s moment (Kanye West). They don’t punch their girlfriends (Chris Brown).
  5. They were cute and at the same time, wholesome.  Teenage girls loved them, as did their moms. It was a win-win.

A lot of these are heard to find these days, they should not be. I find it terrible that teens listen to what they listen to.