Highlander, David Douglas’s newspaper

To everyone who can, go check out the “Highlander” that came out today! It’s awesome, trust me. Oh, and by the way, my article is on the back page 🙂


Early Mornings (Winterhawks, High School football the night before)

Let me tell you, getting up at four in the morning to go on a two hour carride is not fun at all. Especially when you went to bed at midnight after watching the Winterhawks season opener (we won) and seeing how your high school football team did (we lost by one point, the closest we’ve been to winning since the opener. I still have confidence that we will do fine this year, despite only winning one game as of right now.) 

Go Scots, Go!

Who’s with me? (We will win next week, at least I hope so.)

Do fish sleep?

As I sat in “Highlander” my high school newspaper, for the first time as I began my adventure in writing for it, one of my friends asked a question that she had had been bugging her. “Do fish ever sleep?” She asked. In a group of four, we pondered it. I said that I would find an answer and then blog about it.

Yes, they do. They do, but just not the way that we humans do.


Studying at coffee shops

My friend orginally posted this on her tumblr. I thought it was so good that I re-posted it on there and now on here:

Starbucks, the largest coffee chain in the world

“One of my goals for my Senior year ahead is to study in a coffee shop or bookstore at least three times. The library wouldn’t be too bad either but I’ve done this previously and perhaps wouldn’t be as much as a challenge. Although I don’t drink caffeinated beverages the warm smell of mocha with the sound of flipping crisp pages of a book sounds appealing to me. The only thing holding me back is the expenses as it seems polite to purchase something while you’re taking up a matter of space in their building. With this in mind maybe something such as Powell’s Bookstore wouldn’t be too bad to sit down at, as they already have business as it is and thus seem not to mind if you walk out with only what you came with. We’ll have to wait and see a time after Wednesday as not even a second of my academic life for this year has begun yet. Here’s to a good year!”

Maybe next year won’t be my senior year (sophomore perhaps) but, I may have to set this as one of my goals.