Since when is it acceptable to marry someone who is young enough to be your kid?

Hollywood, it seems has come to accept marriages of people who are old enough to be parent/kid. There was one instance where a 51 year -old  actor MARRIED a 16 year-old singer/actress, and what’s even more unbelievable is that her parents agreed to it and signed the marriage license! That’s just SICKENING! I’m glad that my parents would never agree to that and would probably forbid me from seeing him. Sure, they don’t mind me liking guys that are a few years older, but, not THAT old.  My mom said to me, “You can’t control your emotions  (like liking), but, you can control you go out with.”

 If  I  were to marry a 50 year-old would be like marrying my dad. Ew. I can’t imagine (at my age) marrying (at my age), yet alone someone who is more than THIRTY-FIVE years older than me! A 16 year old should not be allowed to get married at 16, no matter how old the spouse to -be is, especially someone who is more than old enough to be her dad.  What would they even have in common? I know how little me and my dad have in common compared to others my age.  A 16 year old should be out with friends, having fun, going to sporting events, hanging out with family…not trying to START a family, or holding the duties of being married to someone.

I don’t care what their situation is, the only possible situation that  I would be supportive of , and okay with, is like in the Middle East, where that is accepted and what they do. It is most certainly not what we do here in the United States of America. Hopefully someone in these situations comes to their senses and realizes what a terrible mistake has been made and does something about it. I don’t care if the couple and everyone else is happy-it’s wrong, just plain wrong. I would never let my kid get married that young, or have my kid marry someone that young.  Pitiful.