What is in a username?

My screen/username is zanyteenager, but, truthfully, I am probably not the most zany teenager out there but I needed something unique. I am not like most teenagers. I could have gone with names like: hockeyfangirl, hockeyfanteenager, musiclovingteenager, or NSYNClover, etc. Though I felt if I chose any of those, that I would be pigeonholed and I didn’t want that. I am more than just those. Plus, I didn’t want to be chronicpaingirl or chronicpainteenager. Who would want that? It is a depressing name. Instead, I am Susannah Hotovec, a fun loving, NSYNC/ 90’s boy bands/country music fan and also a diehard hockey fan.

Normal is not me. Normal will never be me probably. Heck, I don’t even like normal all that much.

P.S. I really, really hate when a blog idea comes to you at 1:30 am…..Did I mention how much I hate that?


What is the purpose of school?

What I feel like doing during class

Like many teenagers since the dawn of school, I often catch myself (during class usually when not falling asleep) wondering what (if any) part of this class is actually going to matter later in life. Take AP Human Geography, for example, a social studies class that my school offers. All it is about is: different types of migration/immgration, cultures throughout the world and agriculture. The class sometimes can be actually okay, other times, it’s super boring.  Moving on, math. Who needs to know algebra when we have a calculator? It saves a lot of time. Next, I LOVE  English. That is a class that I could spend way more than 80 minutes every other day in. But, who needs to know what an adjective, adverb, verb, or noun is? I’ve never been in an instance where knowing this have come into effect. Well, except for playing games, but, that’s the only one. Biology. I don’t think that I will need to know any thing about cells and whatnot, but, I could be wrong. ASL (American Sign Language) is the language class (they are required) that I am taking. Again, I really like ASL, but, the only instance in which I believe that I would only use it is when I come into contact with a Deaf person, which I have done before, but, don’t plan do so very much.

Early Mornings (Winterhawks, High School football the night before)

Let me tell you, getting up at four in the morning to go on a two hour carride is not fun at all. Especially when you went to bed at midnight after watching the Winterhawks season opener (we won) and seeing how your high school football team did (we lost by one point, the closest we’ve been to winning since the opener. I still have confidence that we will do fine this year, despite only winning one game as of right now.) 

Go Scots, Go!

Who’s with me? (We will win next week, at least I hope so.)

Do fish sleep?

As I sat in “Highlander” my high school newspaper, for the first time as I began my adventure in writing for it, one of my friends asked a question that she had had been bugging her. “Do fish ever sleep?” She asked. In a group of four, we pondered it. I said that I would find an answer and then blog about it.

Yes, they do. They do, but just not the way that we humans do.


Studying at coffee shops

My friend orginally posted this on her tumblr. I thought it was so good that I re-posted it on there and now on here:

Starbucks, the largest coffee chain in the world

“One of my goals for my Senior year ahead is to study in a coffee shop or bookstore at least three times. The library wouldn’t be too bad either but I’ve done this previously and perhaps wouldn’t be as much as a challenge. Although I don’t drink caffeinated beverages the warm smell of mocha with the sound of flipping crisp pages of a book sounds appealing to me. The only thing holding me back is the expenses as it seems polite to purchase something while you’re taking up a matter of space in their building. With this in mind maybe something such as Powell’s Bookstore wouldn’t be too bad to sit down at, as they already have business as it is and thus seem not to mind if you walk out with only what you came with. We’ll have to wait and see a time after Wednesday as not even a second of my academic life for this year has begun yet. Here’s to a good year!”

Maybe next year won’t be my senior year (sophomore perhaps) but, I may have to set this as one of my goals.

Teachers and the kids who don’t like them

The teacher that most kids see in other teachers

Everyday, I hear kids complain about their teachers and how their “jerks” (or worse.) I have had some of the same teachers and their not “jerks”. They’re actually quite nice to me, they just want you to do their work. Plain and simple.

I find it funny that it’s the kids who don’t the work, slack off, talk during class, etc. that say that their teachers are jerks. Of course their being that to them, they have to, because, that’s what the kid is being to them. Why should they be nice to the student who is being disrespectful to them? I don’t think so. To the students, if you want to the teacher to be nice to you, be nice to the teacher and don’t do any of things that I have just listed (or anything remarkably close to it.)

Trust me, it works. The teachers will become nicer, and will  stop nagging you to do what you should be doing. They may even give you a little grace.

The teacher that students, who obey and do what is asked, see

Santa Claus, to let kids believe or not to let kids believe?

Jolly ol' saint Nick

Growing up, I was never lead to believe in Santa, or any other made up creature. My parents believed to tell your kids the truth was the right thing to do.It is, no doubt about that.

But, what if you are someone  who has grown up in a christian home, considers yourself a christian, but, sometimes, has trouble in believing in this ‘God’? What if, he, like Santa, is someone that you have to believe exists, even when you’ve never seen him, with your own eyes, because, your parents never let you believe in Santa?

Like me.  At least that’s what I think when I sometimes doubt that God exists.

I believe in God. I mean, you think that the sport of hockey was created without someone like Him? I don’t. It’s just that sometimes, in my darkest moments, I find it very hard to believe that he is out there, when I can’t actually see him.

That being said, I believe that a parent should allow their child to believe in Santa, or the Easter Bunny, etc. Yes, I know  that it is lying to your kids, but, I feel like it’ll help strengthen their ability to believe in things that they can’t see with their own two eyes in everyday life.  Also, if I were the parent, I would squash the Santa Claus belief when they were old enough to understand. Later on, I would explain my reasoning behind what I told them and hope they understand.

Why the NBA should not go into a lockout

The league that has the possibility of taking a break next season

I’m looking forward to the prospect of not having the NBA, but, there are a few downsides to not having it next year.

  1. It would allow more time for those big-headed NBA ‘stars’ to get even more big-headed. Without practice and games, I fail to see how these NBA players will stay (or become) humble  during the lockout, because, unless they go and play internationally, they won’t be up against new and other highly-skilled players.

Another reason for the lockout not to ensue, a reason the goes above and beyond the world of basketball. Also, when talking about the lockout, I have not heard this side of it mentioned. The economy. (Maybe) not having the NBA  this next year will impact the economy, to the extinct is not currently known.

A fraction of what each NBA game brings in

Ways that the lockout will impact the economy:

  1. People travel to see their favorite teams. I’ve traveled to see my Winterhawks play in the play-offs and they’re not even professionals. I can only imagine how much those fans travel! That not only affects the choice of travel, but, hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions in the area.
  2. When people go to sports games, they sometimes buy concessions and things from the team store. I don’t know how much things cost at the Blazers team store, but, at the Winterhawks team store, things go from twenty-five bucks from a T-shirt (plus twelve extra dollars for a player’s name and jersey number on it) to  around a hundred and seventy-five  bucks for a jersey, and at the Winterhawks games, over half of the crowd has jerseys! That’s not including concessions, which cost an arm and a leg!
  3. Ticket sales.  That’s a good chunk of money right there. Cheap seats being ten-twenty dollars, plus, fees. Then, the more expensive tickets being however much they are. Times that by around twenty thousand and that equals a whole lot of money.

    ...to looking like this

    It will go from looking like this...

  4. Parking. I don’t know how much it costs to park inside of a parking garage, and my mom and I don’t even park in the garage and I’m not the one paying when we do.
  5. Finally, besides those  players who are playing internationally, the players will be living on a tighter budget, as they will not be making any more money this year. Living on a stricter budget means not spending as much, which does not help out the economy.

And, there folks, is why basketball should go on next year. The country would be better off.

Politicians who have made personal mistakes in the public eye (part one)

Even though, I’m not all that into politics, in the past few months there have been numerous political stories worth commenting on. First up to be ashamed is Anthony Weiner, the senator from New York.

Everyone knows

Senator Anthony Weiner

Every knows what he did. What made it worse was that he was married and his wife was pregnant.If you are not happy in your relationship, leave it! It will save a world of hurt for two people (your other, and the person that your cheating with, if it it’s just one.) Next up is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Again, we all know who he is and what he did.  He’s in the same

same as

Arnold Schwarzenegger

situation as Senator (or former senator) Weiner is in, The only difference is that Arnold’s situation is ten thousand times worse than his. Arnold actually had a kid with the person he was cheating with. Again, if you’re not happy in your relationship, just leave it! It will save hurt from all party members! But, now,  Arnold gets to pay for his actions, which includes (but certainly not limited to) Maria leaving him, him now having to pay for yet another child, and quite possibly lose a few fans, supporters, and his reputation has sure taken a hit. Third in the ‘bring on the shame!’ is Oregon’s own Representative David Wu!


Former Oregon Rep. David Wu

David was a very promising politician. Well, he was until a few weeks ago, when he was busted for having an inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl whose parents were family friends. The dude is messed up. You don’t do that when you are as promising as he apparently was! You just don’t, heck, you don’t do that at all.  He couldn’t have honestly thought that he could do both. You can’t, no matter what your profession is.

All in all, I’m glad that these politicians are having to pay the price of their actions. Senator Weiner and  Representative Wu both resigned, Rep. Wu after getting pressured by others to.

Politicians need to be held up to a high standard, and we need better people to help run our country, or else. Or else who knows what might happen. I, to be quite honest, do not know what they were thinking messing up  their promising careers like this. I only hope that they will learn from their mistakes.

*Part two will be continued tomorrow.

Wisdom in the form of a song

As I sit here contemplating of whether or not I should write a blog or what it write in that blog, the song “Wheel of the World” by Carrie Underwood starts playing on my Ipod. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the song, it’s a song about life and how we never knew what’s going to happen next or where we might end up. 

It’s true. We never know what life has in store for us. Sometimes we wished we did, I know I do.  Here is my personal favorite lyric from the song:

“God put us here on this carnival ride

Words of wisdom; track 13

We close our eyes

Never knowing where it will take us next”

Listening to the song, it has made me realize that we, as humans whose life on this earth is just too short, must live our lives to the fullest. Sure, we will have regrets, after all no one is perfect. But, it is learning from the mistakes and/ or regrets.  We never know what will happen, anyone of us could be dead tomorrow (Shiloh Hampton’s death also helped me realize that).