Technology and Social Networking

Has anyone begin to think about how truly wonderful technology can be? Cell phones, iPods, laptops, etc. Where would we be today without those things? Answer: nothing would be as efficient as it is nowadays and people would probably be having more face to face conversations rather than texting conversations. Letter writing may no longer just be a thing of the past.
While it can be wonderful, it can also be bad. Teenagers now may be writing more in text rather than writing how teachers’ want them to be. Imagine if this problem only got worse. In the future, kids writing essays may write in the form of texting instead of plain writing!
Facebook and Twitter can become problems too. Some people, myself included, spend way too much time on them. I need to get out and see people more, as do others. Social Networking leads to easy internet access and that leads to people being unprofessional and TMI. Some may object to giving over their passwords to parents or employers but I don’t.
People need to be careful with technology and Social Networking. For instance, I am really enjoying writing this on my iPod touch though I shouldn’t be at 1 am. 🙂

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