What is in a username?

My screen/username is zanyteenager, but, truthfully, I am probably not the most zany teenager out there but I needed something unique. I am not like most teenagers. I could have gone with names like: hockeyfangirl, hockeyfanteenager, musiclovingteenager, or NSYNClover, etc. Though I felt if I chose any of those, that I would be pigeonholed and I didn’t want that. I am more than just those. Plus, I didn’t want to be chronicpaingirl or chronicpainteenager. Who would want that? It is a depressing name. Instead, I am Susannah Hotovec, a fun loving, NSYNC/ 90’s boy bands/country music fan and also a diehard hockey fan.

Normal is not me. Normal will never be me probably. Heck, I don’t even like normal all that much.

P.S. I really, really hate when a blog idea comes to you at 1:30 am…..Did I mention how much I hate that?

What is the purpose of school?

What I feel like doing during class

Like many teenagers since the dawn of school, I often catch myself (during class usually when not falling asleep) wondering what (if any) part of this class is actually going to matter later in life. Take AP Human Geography, for example, a social studies class that my school offers. All it is about is: different types of migration/immgration, cultures throughout the world and agriculture. The class sometimes can be actually okay, other times, it’s super boring.  Moving on, math. Who needs to know algebra when we have a calculator? It saves a lot of time. Next, I LOVE  English. That is a class that I could spend way more than 80 minutes every other day in. But, who needs to know what an adjective, adverb, verb, or noun is? I’ve never been in an instance where knowing this have come into effect. Well, except for playing games, but, that’s the only one. Biology. I don’t think that I will need to know any thing about cells and whatnot, but, I could be wrong. ASL (American Sign Language) is the language class (they are required) that I am taking. Again, I really like ASL, but, the only instance in which I believe that I would only use it is when I come into contact with a Deaf person, which I have done before, but, don’t plan do so very much.

Early Mornings (Winterhawks, High School football the night before)

Let me tell you, getting up at four in the morning to go on a two hour carride is not fun at all. Especially when you went to bed at midnight after watching the Winterhawks season opener (we won) and seeing how your high school football team did (we lost by one point, the closest we’ve been to winning since the opener. I still have confidence that we will do fine this year, despite only winning one game as of right now.) 

Go Scots, Go!

Who’s with me? (We will win next week, at least I hope so.)



the boring thing that hogs up most of our schedule September-June

Sadly, with a little more than a month left in Summer, this seems to be on everyone’s mind, including mine. To me, School can sort of feel like a prison sometimes. There are some good things but mostly it just seems like rules, restrictions, and regulations.  It’s like they’re trying to separate us from the rest of the world, only to force it upon us after we graduate, leaving us to figure out how to operate in it. Here are some rules that the school has in place that I don’t think apply when it comes to the ‘real world’:

For instance

The device that most schools blame for an increase in cheating

For instance the no cell phone or electronics rule.  People who have jobs are going to have their cell phones on them and turned on. Some will maybe even have radios and

even have radios

How is listening to music going to disrupt us working?

Ipods to listen to, but, mostly on their breaks, in other words, our passing and lunch times. With this rule, I feel like that the school is trying to mislead us in what the actual world is like. However, I do realize that having cell phones on, increases the temptation to cheat, so, that being said, the school should allow us to have our cell phones on, but, only during certain times during the day, compromising. But, I highly doubt that listening to whatever music we listen to, will cause us to cheat.

Also, a rule is no eating during class, however, some teachers let us do it. I know people who when sitting at their desk at work, eat. Even when there is a computer nearby. Computer teachers do not tolerate eating in their classroom, but, why? We’re high school students  for crying out loud! We’re about to go into the real world! let us pay for our mistakes. Let us eat near computers, and if we spill or whatever, have us pay to replace it! It might actually teach us, or give you (the teacher) a chance to teach us, a life lesson-being careful and fixing our mistakes.

teach us a life lesson

One of the foods that some teachers let us eat during class

All in all, I agree with most of the school rules and regulations (get in a fight-you get suspended.), but, this just seem a little ludicrous to me.