What is the purpose of school?

What I feel like doing during class

Like many teenagers since the dawn of school, I often catch myself (during class usually when not falling asleep) wondering what (if any) part of this class is actually going to matter later in life. Take AP Human Geography, for example, a social studies class that my school offers. All it is about is: different types of migration/immgration, cultures throughout the world and agriculture. The class sometimes can be actually okay, other times, it’s super boring.  Moving on, math. Who needs to know algebra when we have a calculator? It saves a lot of time. Next, I LOVE  English. That is a class that I could spend way more than 80 minutes every other day in. But, who needs to know what an adjective, adverb, verb, or noun is? I’ve never been in an instance where knowing this have come into effect. Well, except for playing games, but, that’s the only one. Biology. I don’t think that I will need to know any thing about cells and whatnot, but, I could be wrong. ASL (American Sign Language) is the language class (they are required) that I am taking. Again, I really like ASL, but, the only instance in which I believe that I would only use it is when I come into contact with a Deaf person, which I have done before, but, don’t plan do so very much.