Why “Twilight” is better than “Harry Potter”

Harry Potter, the series that has been around longer

It’s the  big debate of the two biggest sagas of my generation. Some teens are Team Potter, others Team Twilight, some miraculously are for both. I am Team Twilight. I am also the only one in my family who did not like Harry Potter, and liked Twilight.

Twilight, the series that is more awesome

Here are a couple of reason of why Twilight is better:

  1. In the Bible, God specifically says that witchcraft and wizardry are from Satan. It says nothing about Vampires and Werewolves, though.
  2. Twilight takes place in the Pacific Northwest, Harry Potter does not. Even cooler was that Twilight was filmed in Portland, Harry Potter was not.
  3. Twilight is a one word series title, Harry Potter is not. Never mind that Harry Potter is a name of one of the characters.
  4. Twilight does not have as much fantasy in it as Harry Potter. I am not a fantasy person, some are and that’s a reason for them to like Harry Potter.
  5. Twilight does not have made up words that are unpronounceable, at least some of them are.
  6. Twilight also doesn’t have three-headed dogs or a guy with two faces. Creepy.

That is why Twilight is hands down better than Harry Potter.

15 thoughts on “Why “Twilight” is better than “Harry Potter”

  1. 6 reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight:

    1. Harry Potter has a plot, which might be a foreign concept to you if you like Twilight.
    2. When Harry left Ginny for her own safety, she reformed Dumbledore’s army, attempted to steal the sword of Gryffindor, and fought in the battle of Hogwarts. When Edward left Bella for her own safety, she curled up in a fetal position for six months then jumped off a cliff.
    3. Do you remember that time when Harry watched Ginny sleep? Neither do I.
    4. Stephenie Meyer’s poor thesaurus is going to need counseling for what she did to it. Sure, she uses big words, but she uses them incorrectly and in the wrong context.
    5. Stephenie Meyer fails at science. Example A. Since Edward technically has no blood circulating through his body, he shouldn’t be able to get a boner. Rowling may have just explained everything as, “it’s magic” but it’s a hell of a lot better than trying to give everything a scientific meaning and getting you facts wrong.
    6. Vampires. Don’t. Sparkle.

    You want to go on my anti-Twilight blog and flame me? Go ahead. I dare you. (However, I will give you props because you seem to have proper spelling and grammar,while most Twitards don’t)

    • To me, Twilight does have a plot. When Edward left Bella, she did get depressed, but, then, she helped the wolfpack as they tried to stop Victoria from hurting others. As I did not read Harry Potter, I do not know if Harry ever watched Ginny sleep. Meyer uses words that common people can read, understand, and use. I have never heard the words “Muggles” or “Hogwarts” used in everyday life, unless talking about “Harry Potter”, have you? Of course, vampires don’t sparkle. It’s a fantasy novel, she made it up. Finally, thank you for the compliment. Even though I do like Twilight, (not Edward or really even Jacob, though), you are quite funny and truthful on your blog.

  2. First off, I apologize if anything I said came off as overly rude, it wasn’t meant that way. You seem to have retained your sanity, unlike the rabid fans who I would gladly beat with a large stick.(I’ve gotten death threats, believe me.) About plot: I think that Twilight either should have been a badass, gory action story with a little love on the side or a full-blown love story. But it’s a love story with a bunch of action crammed in during the last 100 pages. (Let’s face it, Eclipse could have been 50 pages tacked on the back of New Moon.) The part about Harry watching Ginny sleep was sarcasm, mirroring when Eddie watched Bella sleep, and that was creepy. I recommend you give Harry Potter a shot, you might like it more than you think. The thing about HP was that Rowling created a whole new world for us to see, while Twilight was set in the existing one. I didn’t find the characters believable, Bella is a complete Mary-Sue. Many of Edward’s tendencies come off as stalkerish and abusive. (Dude, he drags her across a damn parking lot.) I know vampires don’t sparkle, but all fantasy stories should have some basis in myth. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate just because you like Twilight. Just hang on to your grammar skills for me. I wish all Twilight fans were this well-spoken.

    • Thank you, and no, even though you aren’t a twilight fan, I will not give you (or anybody else) death threats. I have tried to give Harry Potter a shot, I got to the fifth or sixth book. Maybe, I will give it another go. If you like being transformed into a completely different world, Harry Potter is your book, but, if you want the ‘real world’ with a small dose of fantasy, Twilight is your book. When you say that all fantasy stories should have some basis in myth, vampires are myths and the fact that they eat humans is, too, a myth. Meyer is 2 for 3. “You don’t hate just because I like twilight” then why else do you, if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. Actually, I rather like you because you seem to be able to put together a reasonable argument. I hate Twilight fans who won’t hear a single word against the series, will threaten you for not liking the books, and whose only reasons for liking it are because Edward’s hot. I’m sorry they give fans like you a bad name, just like antis who only hate the series because the vampires sparkle and won’t hear a single word for it give people like me a bad name. And when I was referring to the myths, you’re right, Meyer does seem to be two for three. What I meant was the fact that they could be in the sun unharmed, which goes against all vampire myths that I know.

    • I have to say the same for you, some Potter fans are not the best to debate with (unlike you), unless you like death threats, etc. Yes that does go against a lot of vampire myths, but, that’s what they are-myths. No one knows if they die in the sun or if they sparkle.

  4. Yeah, I guess you could think that. But the thing that bothered me most was Meyer’s complete screw-over of the Quileute legends. They’re real people, and they myths Meyer has Jacob tell Bella are completely different from real Quileute legends. I think she should have included some tie-ins to the real deal. Oh, and I forgot: of course you don’t like Jacob or Edward, Mike is obviously much more awesometastic than either of them could hope to be. 😉

    • Those are some cool legends! “Twilight” kind of has to do with the transformer one, just a tiny bit. I kinda wish that they would have done more, too, since reading about them.

  5. 1. Harry Potter has nothing absolutley nothing to do with the Devil and Hell there are no refrences to it there are no secret sacrifical cults. HP is just a Fantay book. Plus back in the old days people used to relate Vamps to the devil because they were blood sucking night creatures.
    2. No but HP does take place in England and in Scotland in a magical world in my opinion that is way cooler.
    3. What does the title have to do with the story and the plot. Frnkly I don’t understand why the Twilight series is called Twilight. Harry Potter is the main character so what’s wrong with calling the series that.
    4. Well that does not make Twilight better it is all just based of you’re views.
    5. No I am not from England and I am not Magical and I understand and read the words just fine. It’s not that hard. The only way it could be diffcult is if you can’t read.
    6. At least Harry Potter had excitment and adventure. Twilight had no action, and it was boring.

    Sorry if through any of this I seemed rude but I had to disagree with you
    Twilight is not better for all the bad messages it gives out to naive girls
    1) Bella got pregnant at 18
    2) Bella can not defend herself without a mans help
    3) she jumped of a cliff when Edward left her
    4) Edward is a controlling boyfriend
    6) teaches naive girls looks are everything and that if you’re ugly you’re not worth anything.
    those are just a few reasons

    “Made up words?” No, spellnames and creature names are taken from mythology and Greek and Latin words. You should shoot yourself in the hate.

    • I’m not stupid. I stand by what I said. Mythology? Ok, not all myths are real. When I read the books, I can’t understand what in the world she is saying. I don’t care if it is from mythology or greek or latin. I do not study any of those. Maybe ‘made up’ was not the correct word, how about words that are not used in everyday conversation. Sorry if my opinion offended you.

  7. Really? you have the guts to say that? Vampires are practically like the devil! Besides, Harry Potte is 100% orinal, unlike twighlight

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