Why is it good to let your kids read/watch “Twilight”

The best book series ever

Twilight, the book series by Stephenie Meyer, that came out a few years ago, and has the part one of the last installment coming out later this year, is one of the best  book series and one of the most controversial.

I love these books, and the movies. I think that everyone should embrace this franchise, but, not everyone has. Here is my opinion of why people should:

  1. It’s fun. Who doesn’t love a well-written book with fantasy creatures, who feel for humanity?
  2. Virtue. You can say what you want about Edward and Bella’s relationship, but, they never actually do it, until they are married, as it should be, but, hardly is  these days.  It’s great to hear/read in the books that Edward says that first that they have to get married.
  3. As everyone knows the Cullens don’t eat humans, showing regard for human life, unlike some humans do. Maybe they should take lessons from the Cullens.
  4. Also, in showing regard for human life, the Cullens won’t change anybody unless they don’t have any choice, like if the person is dying. That comes into play when Bella keeps begging Edward to change her, but, he refuses.
  5. It’s well-written. Stephenie Meyers did an awesome job making the characters likeable and  making you felt like you knew the characters.

All in all, Twilight is an amazing and everyone, no matter what age should check them out.

10 thoughts on “Why is it good to let your kids read/watch “Twilight”

  1. Here we go again:

    1. I can’t argue with that one. I feel it’s a creepy lust story with the plot thrown in at the last minute, but hey.
    2. Sure, they waited till marriage, Bella just thinks about doing him all the time. Hell, she pretty much tried to rape him in Eclipse.
    3. Vampires. Eat. Humans. That’s the whole fricking point of vampires. It’s like when Meyer was researching, she was covering her ears and screaming “LA LA LA, I’M NOT LISTENING!” until the myths she read fit her vision of perfect, sparkly, beautiful vampires.
    4. Except the Cullens have always had the choice. Edward could have just let Bella turn in to a vampire at the end of Twilight, which could have made things a helluva lot easier. I always thought Carlisle was a selfish bastard for making other people suffer for eternity as vampires rather than just letting them die.
    5. Well written, my ass. Meyer uses too many unnecessary adjectives, and everything is spelled out for us and the reader is never given any space to think. Meyer’s writing has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face. Bella is flat, two-dimensional, and is the perfect example of a Mary-Sue. Edward is just plain abusive. (A point I explain on my blog.) Jacob was okay until he became a pedophile in Breaking Dawn. Mike’s awesome.

    To cap it off: Why do Edward and Bella “love” each other? Because he’s pretty and she smells good.

    • Well, okay. Yes, vampires eat humans, but, the Cullens do not, they stand up for what they believe is right given their circumstances and do not give in to what they others are doing. That is always a good lesson for people, even if they are not vampires maybe that is what Meyer was thinking about when she wrote the books. The second point, I can’t really argue with you on that one. Fourth, Carlisle didn’t want others to be condemned to their lifestyle, when they had the opportunity to live out their life, have kids, grow old (like Rosalie wanted). In my opinion, he was being selfless. Okay, I obviously got a different perspective than you on Meyer’s writing, this was just my opinion.

    • Another reason that they seem to like each other is that she doesn’t freak out about things like him being a vampire. She observes things that things that most humans don’t pick up on, he’s a vampire, “The cullens don’t come here’, it’s like they aren’t allowed”

  2. Yep, you do, and that’s fine by me. You understand my shock at finding a well spoken, reasonable Twilight fan? If you could explain why Edward and Bella love each other, I’d like to hear it.

    • Sorry, I can’t other than the reason that you gave (he’s not cute in my opinion). Maybe, because, he saved her life. In your second to last comment, it sounded like you said you hated me for a reason other than Twilight, do you?

  3. It’s really just the extreme fans. I mean, I like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, and lots of other book series (I even have some respect for Twilight, even though I don’t like it.) but I wouldn’t resort to violence if someone said they didn’t like something I did.

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