The Winterhawks are the Best Major Junior Team


That’s a given. What makes them so great?

  1. Fifteen NHL draft picks in the past two years. Four first-rounders, five second-rounders. Oh, and let’s know forget a player who did not get drafted, but, go invited to go to a training camp and got signed.

    Brad Ross, one the NHL draft picks

  2.  Around ten players signed to NHL contracts.
  3. After being eliminated in the second round of the WHL play-offs in 2010, we made it to the league finals this year. Next year, we look to advance to the Memorial Cup, something that nobody a few years ago would have been talking about.
  4. We’ve got not one, but, two of the most hated players in the WHL, because, of their aggressiveness.
  5. A few years ago, we were at the bottom of the standings. 2010, we made the play-offs. This year, we were the division and conference champions. Next year should be another fun year.

Who can argue with that? I can’t.


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