Hockey players who make stupid choices, but, can be really good when they want to be

Winterhawks, the best hockey team ever

As a fan of the Portland Winterhawks, a major junior (Boys, ages 15-20, let’s not forget that) hockey team, I’ve seen my fair share of hockey talent, even though I’ve only been a fan since January 2010. That being said, I’ve also seen players who can’t seem to keep their emotions in check.

What really ticks me off is that ‘fans’ on forums and message boards, whenever the subject of these players come up, immediately say that we should trade them! I am appalled. I believe that the fans of sports teams should stand behind their team and not try to be the GM.

I do agree that these players need to settle down. But I have faith in them, as they get older (and out of their teenage years), that they will grow up. As for trading them, I say no. If we trade them (I’ve heard that our coach tried to trade one of them, but, it’s just a rumor), it just shows that we just want to pass them off to the next team and so on. It will teach the players nothing, only that we didn’t want them.  It won’t teach them to change, or to channel their passion and aggression in a good and beneficial way. I have confidence in them, because, another player on our team used to be as bad as them, but, as he got older, he was able to channel his emotions into being a positive thing for the team, and helped them out (even if he still did the occasional stupid thing).

All I have to say to rather impatient (myself included) hockey fans, is wait. Let the coaching staff  handle this and see if the players in question here return more mature.  An idea for Coach is if  you can’t handle the player, do what Brian Burke (GM of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs) did – bring in a police chief, and have him talk to them about

Maple Leafs, one of the best NHL teams

being responsible,


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