Politicians who have made personal mistakes in the public eye (part two)

Sam Adams, the lying soon-to-be former mayor

Finally, Portland’s  very own mayor Sam Adams.

Sam was a recipe for disaster since the very beginning. He had a relationship with an underage male, that he lied about!  I could quite possibly have forgave the underage part, but, the fact that he lied about it makes me very upset with him. Even though I am not a voter, and do not care about politics, I would have not voted for him and would have voted to re-call him. Good news is that he is not running again, he wouldn’t have won anyway.

Sam said that he was not running again so that he can focus on doing his job in Portland. A better job of say that he’ll do something, go with it  for a little while, and then change his mind? That’s what my journalism partner and I did not like about him ad we did our research on the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and re-modeling it. He would set a deadline, then extend it, then do something completely different. It’s like he can’t follow through on one thing, I could be very wrong though.

Not running will have been one of the brighter highlights of his mayor term, in my opinion.

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