Beware: fake celebrity writers invading the writing world!

books; they should be written by those who dream to get published

I like reading books, besides just writing. One thing that makes me  upset, when is when celebrities say that they wrote a biography, but, actually had a ghostwriter do the work for them, the celebrity doing the bare minium. I get that this is a money thing, and celebrities=$. If the celebrity had actually wrote the book, then maybe I would read it, but, if they didn’t, I wouldn’t and I don’t see why anybody else would. It’s not the same. I’m fustrated that these publishers would actually want to publish these, because, whatever happened to talent that came in the form of writing and only doing what you were talented in?  I get how celebrities want to get the truth out there, dismassing rumors about them. Why can’t they just do a tell-all interview instead? 

When I grow up, I want to become an author. This will make my chances a lot slimmer of actually making my dream come true. These celebrities, their dreams weren’t to publish books, they were to do whatever they have famous for doing. But, because, they are how they are, they get their book published in front of others, who like me, have a dream of becoming a writer. Why can’t they leave the writing world alone and go back to Hollywood? Why can’t they leave the writing world be, and to others who do their own work and dream of getting published? Are they that selfish? I like some of these celebrities, but, I, unfortunately, have to say ‘yes’.

You may think that I’m against all celebrities publishing books, even if they actually wrote the book and had a dream of getting published. I’m not. I’m also not against Bethany Hamilton, who didn’t write her book, but, she told her story to one of her pastors, who did write, and he wrote down everything she told him.

2 thoughts on “Beware: fake celebrity writers invading the writing world!

  1. Susannah, you’re a great writer. I believe there’s a niche waiting for you in the world of publishing. Then, when you go global, you’ll be a celebrity yourself. Writing your own stuff, I might add!

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