Wisdom in the form of a song

As I sit here contemplating of whether or not I should write a blog or what it write in that blog, the song “Wheel of the World” by Carrie Underwood starts playing on my Ipod. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the song, it’s a song about life and how we never knew what’s going to happen next or where we might end up. 

It’s true. We never know what life has in store for us. Sometimes we wished we did, I know I do.  Here is my personal favorite lyric from the song:

“God put us here on this carnival ride

Words of wisdom; track 13

We close our eyes

Never knowing where it will take us next”

Listening to the song, it has made me realize that we, as humans whose life on this earth is just too short, must live our lives to the fullest. Sure, we will have regrets, after all no one is perfect. But, it is learning from the mistakes and/ or regrets.  We never know what will happen, anyone of us could be dead tomorrow (Shiloh Hampton’s death also helped me realize that).

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