What is a world without paper, letters, books, newspapers that are offline?

In a world that has become so technologically  advanced, it’s easy to think of/imagine a world where writing with a writing utensil and paper will be scarce or unknown completely. This thought saddens me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being online and most of the technological advances, that we’re making , but, please don’t touch ink and paper. They’re fine just they way that they are, thank you.

One instance of ink and paperOne instance of ink and paper disappearing is, the newspaper. This is mainly the reason that I am writing this. I love reading  the newspaper. Now, consider me old-fashioned,but, I love waking up, getting my breakfast, and while my breakfast is in the microwave, I enjoy going out and retrieving  the newspaper from its box by the road, and reading it while eating breakfast. Also, the journalist in me, is always very ecstatic and feels very accomplished, when she sees her name in print and is able to hold her article up without having to go online, print out the article, and I’m not even sure that will mean as much to me. Plus, you wouldn’t be able to hold up everyone (who also helped with the newspaper)’s efforts. I don’t know about you, but, I don’t like to think about newspapers moving to be entirely online. People should take the time to stop and read the morning paper, in my opinion.

another thing

Another thing that I don’t like is that word documents are becoming more and more available. I would guess that more and more writers are not writing out their thoughts, feelings, stories, on paper, but just skipping to typing them up on the computer. I like to write my stories on the computer, don’t get me wrong, but, that’s after I have already written them out on paper; it forces me to edit them. For example, I wrote this blog down on a piece of paper before transferring it to here, partly because this idea struck me at 7 a.m. (thanks, God!)  But, I love it, (not waking up at 7, though) I love hearing the sound of a pencil on paper, it is music to my ears! Especially when technology  seems to be conquering  this sacred writing world!


Furthermore,  books are disappearing faster than ever before, and e-books are pouring in.  I love to read books, maybe because I am a writer, I don’t know. There is something sentimental about opening a book, holding it in your hands, turning the pages. I love that feeling. Now, speaking from a writer/journalist’s perspective, as you now know, I am overjoyed to hold what I’ve written. As for now, I have not published  a book, but, I aspire to, one day. When I do, I long to be able to hold that book in my hands, to hug it, maybe even to kiss it,

knowing I spent many long hours laboring away on it, and now to be able to hold it, to touch it, to put my arms around it. To be able to say ‘I did this’ or ‘I helped make this happen’. I fear that one day, and if it does happen, that my book will be downloaded onto kindles, ipads, etc. Not being directly held or having its pages turned.

Lastly, I am self-diagnosed Facebook addict. But, in this era of e-mail, texting and Facebook, nothing can take away the excitement of opening a handwritten letter. I know, it’s not the most fastest way of communicating, but, I still love it. Sure, if you have something urgent, e-mail, texting, and Facebook is much faster, but, if  you just want to keep in touch with someone, letter writing is perfect! Again, maybe old-fashioned of me, but, when I go off to college (maybe before then too) I plan to be writing letters to people, only if I have their mailing address, though! (so, if if you want me to write you (and I won’t be offended if you don’t) feel free ti send me your mailing address.) Technology can make letter writing less common, but, it definitely won’t keep me from writing letters!

It trouble me to know that in less than a hundred years, newspapers, and books will be completely moved onto the internet and that the writers of those will not be able to enjoy the simplest pleasures that I do while writing.  It also saddens me that before we know it, paper will cease to exist anymore, and letter writing will be gone along with it. Mostly due to the fact, that most people (or highly important people) are tree-huggers, and want us to stop wasting paper. Anyhow, so, please, go pick up a newspaper, or a book; enjoy it, cherish it, because, it won’t be around  forever. Maybe even subscribe to a publication or go to a library or a bookstore, maybe even sit down an write! Do something! Do anything!  But, please, don’t give into what the world is trying to force on us. This is a fight, and paper is losing and it needs your help.

2 thoughts on “What is a world without paper, letters, books, newspapers that are offline?

  1. Totally with you here! Even though i use electronic writing all the time, I mourn the demise of writing things down with paper. I get persecuted by my mom for keeping a paper planner and not getting an iphone, but my rationale is that if my electronic device crashed, i wouldn’t be able to access my schedule! Let’s keep paper alive! 🙂

    • I know! I get so frustrated when I’ve been working away on a story, forget to save, and lose it all or what had not been saved! Writing the stories down on paper helped me keep my mind from going insane 😀

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