R.I.P Shiloh Hampton

Today is two of my friends’ birthdays, they are exactly the same age. The only difference is that one of them is dead.  He died last April, thanks to two gang members, two members who I wish that I could do something to. Shiloh Hampton did NOT deserve to die.

I wish that today could end. The grieving, the tears, I wish that they would all just go away and never come back again. I want to be able to miss him, but, not to be this overcome with sadness. He wasn’t even that good of a friend, I barely even knew him, but he was still a friend. He was someone who you could say ‘hi’ to in the hallway, talk to, etc. He was approachable, nice, sweet, etc.

He was only fourteen.

The only regret that I have is that  I wished that I would have hung out with him, outside of school. Maybe even hung out with him once I got to High School. But, I didn’t. And that’s the hardest of all.

I don’t know about you, but, whenever I see his face, hear his name or see his name, it’s like it just happened, a punch to the gut, a another crack to the heart.

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