Help me understand- What is so awesome about Justin Bieber?

Why him?

WARNING: To Bieber fans, an advanced warning, this post will not be your favorite. Please keep your hating me to a minimum and I will not bash him (well, not a lot, anyway 🙂 )

Watching the Espy’s, as I am a sports fan, I could not figure out why Justin Bieber got as much airtime as per say, the Stanley Cup winning team, the Boston Bruins. Justin’s demographic, is girls that are my age and younger, not the average sport fans.

I do not get why people like him. Why? Is it because he’s ‘cute’? (In my opinion, he’s not.) Does he have a great voice? (In my opinion, well…let’s not go there.) Is he funny? (I disagree, but, then again, I’ve only seen him at the Espy’s.)

In the songwriting perspective, the word choice is good, in some of his songs.

Please explain why people like him. If I (somehow) get converted into having Bieber fever, I will take back everything I just said.

P.S. The type of music that I like is: Backstreet Boys \”Helpless When She Smiles\”

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